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Mike Kinoshita is featured in the Fabulous Films Ltd
Season Two Tour Of Duty Documentary

Mike Kino, Tour Of Duty Actor and Great Friend of All The Tour Of Duty Sites & fandom ,
was having a sort out and came across a few items and wanted to share them.

This behind the scenes picture from The Volunteer was first shown on the now sadly defunct Granddaddy of the Tour of Duty site's 
Zeke1964 which was run by Martin.

The Californian location where it was filmed is known as 'Indian Dunes' in the Santa Clarita area.
 Looking on a map you will find it approximately 4 miles east on the 126 off of Interstate 5.
For the episode 'The Raid/Payback' they used the 'China Beach-set' a few miles down the road.

Thanks to Bruce Meyers for the map


Terence Knox has some make up applied , picture taken by Mike Kino

Mike Kino's Invitation the the end of filming Wrap Party.

Tour Of Duty had a SoftBall Team .Here is the schedule


The Call Sheets for the filming of the episode "The Raid"

Note the last episode on the list  "Soul Patrol" this was never filmed possibly because of the writers strike.

The following are later revised versions of the Shooting Schedule.

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