TERENCE KNOX as Sgt. Zeke Anderson

A regular for three seasons, as Dr.Peter White, on the series "St.Elsewhere",he also starred in the series "All Is Forgiven" and guest starred on "Murder she wrote" and "Knots Landing", among others.He appeared last season in the mini-series "Murder Ordained," and his motion pictures include " Heart Like a Wheel" and "From a Whisper to a Scream." Born in Richland,Wash.,he attended Washington State University and Portland State University, where he switched from writing to acting. As an amateur boxer, he had a record of 56 wins and one loss.wpe07471.gif (1422603 bytes)

KEVIN CONROY as Capt. Rusty Wallace

A former regular in the series "Dynasty" and "Ohara", he also had regular roles in the daytime series "Another World" and "Search for Tomorrow". He graduated from the Juillard School, starred in the national touring company of the play "Deathtrap" , and appeared on Broadway in "Lolita" . He earlier toured with John Houseman’s stage group, The Acting Company, and appeared in productions at the WoodStock Playhouse. He was born in New York City and grew up in Westport,Conn. His aunt was famed Broadway actress, Susan Conroy.

He lives in New York

STEPHEN CAFFREY as Lt. Myron Goldman

As A regular on the daytime series " All My Children", he was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award as Best Juvenile Actor in 1986. At the same time, he was appearing in the Off Broadway production of " The Fox".Earlier he appeared in Robert Conrad’s television movie " Hard Knox".One of seven children, he was born in Cleveland and grew up in Chicago, where he started acting at Lakeview High School. He by-passed college to go directly on stage in dinner and regional theatres, and helped found The Immediate Theatre in Chicago.He lives in New York City.

JOSHUA MAURER as Pvt. Roger Horn

Born in New Jersey , he attended West Orange High School and Sarah Lawrence College , where he obtained a B.A. degree in political science and appeared in many student stage productions. He also appeared professionally at the Whole Theatre Company. After college he set out on a short trip to Europe and ended up staying in Paris for eight months, partially supporting himself with modelling jobs. Responding to a premonition, he went straight from there to Los Angeles, and within two weeks was cast in TOUR OF DUTY. He enjoys writing and studying foreign policy, and currently lives in Los Angeles.

STEVE AKAHOSHI as "Doc" Randy Matsuda

A relative latecomer to acting , he had his first professional role in the motion picture "Fatal Beauty", with Whoopi Goldberg and Sam Elliot. A third-generation Japanese American, he was born in Los Angeles, the youngest of four boys, and raised in the beachside community of Venice,Calif. After graduating from Venice High School, he had a successful career in sales and marketing. "One day I woke up and said, ‘This isn’t what I want to do,’." he recalls. He immediately switched to acting. He lives in Venice and enjoys paddle tennis and other beach sports.

TONY BECKER as Cpl. Danny Percell

TOUR OF DUTY is his fourth television series. He earlier was a regular on "Texas Wheelers" "The Oregon Trail" and "For Love and Honor". A veteran child actor, he also had recurring roles on "The Waltons" and "Little House On the Prairie".His motion picture credits include "Bound for Glory", " The Other Side of the Mountain" and "The Onion Field".He also appeared on television in "The Alamo : 13 Days of Glory" , guest starred on "Matlock", and the cable drama "War Story". Born in Los Angeles, he graduated from Hollywood High school and now lives in the San Fernando Valley.

ERIC BRUSKOTTER as Pvt. Scott Baker

He appeared in the theatrical motion pictures "Three for the road", "Boy Rents Girl" and "Rented Lips", the cable television comedy "Training Camp" and the syndicated television series "The New Gidget Show". Born in Ft. Wayne,Ind. He attended John F. Kennedy High School and Northridge State University. He has an identical twin brother, and together they were spotted by an agent , who landed them roles on "Amazing Stories2 and "Mr Belvedere". He enjoys weight lifting.

STAN FOSTER as Pvt. Marvin Johnson

While a pre-law student at Ohio State University, he participated in a small-theatre script reading for Robert Redford, who was in town filming a movie. Redford complimented him, and Foster threw away his school books and set out to be a professional actor.

He toured in a local company of "Jesus Christ Superstar",then travelled to Los Angeles, appearing in the movies "Project X", "Wildcats","My Chauffeur", "Action Jackson".

His television credits include "Trama Center","Lottery" and the afterschool special " The Hero Who Couldn’t Read".

Born in Youngstown, Ohio.

MIGEL NUNEZ as Pvt. Marcus Taylor

A recurring character last season on "Amen", his motion picture credits include " Jumpin’ Jack Flash"," Return of the Living Dead" and "Friday the 13th,Part Five". He also guest starred on episodes of "The Twilight Zone" and "Trapper John,M.D."

One of nine children, he was born in New York and grew up in Wilson,N.C. His mother , Betty Jean Newsome , wrote JAMES BROWNS song "It’s A Man’s World".

After high school, he took a bus to Los Angeles to become an actor. Literally sneaking into various studios, he eventually met actor Ernest Thomas, who gave him his start as an extra on " What’s Happening!".