Colonel Paul Sinor (Retired)

Colonel Paul Sinor worked on Tour Of Duty as the shows Technical Advisor for the first series.

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Colonel Sinor was involved in each episode from the script treatment (the plan for script to be written) through to the actual shooting of each episode.
He was on the set at all times and attended all the production meetings.
His position was a very unique one , as the US Military had never before actually assigned anyone to a television production before "Tour of Duty".
He had from two to four sergeants working with him on each episode.

Colonel Sinor enjoyed working on the series very much and says "that it was a dream assignment".

Here is some information that Colonel Sinor has

sent  about the background of "Tour Of Duty"

"When the idea of “Tour Of Duty” was formulated the producers wanted to obtain military support in the form of facilities and equipment that was period 1972 Vietnam .This meant a great deal to the authenticity of the series and was quite a saving to the show."


"I must say here, that the production reimbursed the government for all necessary cost in using the equipment. Even so, the fact it was available was one of the driving forces behind the authentic look of the series."

"The series was filmed in Hawaii with the main firebase being located at Schofield Barracks. It was built in the same style and size as a working firebase in Viet Nam .Anytime during the series you saw artillery or mortars firing ,it was live fire since we were actually on a firing range."


"The exterior scenes were filmed virtually all over the island of Oahu. We used the Trippler Army Hospital , the Marine Base at Kaneoe, the airfield at Wheeler Air Base and several locations in the city of Honolulu. We had a sound stage built in an old warehouse which we used quiet often."


"The men on the series had no military experience, however they were eager to learn the little things that made their character believable. I was always given the “fan mail” which dealt with the military aspects of the series, and it was a pleasure to read from a Vietnam Vet that we brought back a memory for him or her."

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Since leaving the series and the military, Colonel Paul Sinor has pursed a second career as a writer .

He currently has one novel “OPERATION BRIGHTEYES” which is available to buy.

And he has written three feature films which are also available to buy on video.

He also teaches screen writing at Shoreline College in Seattle, Washington.

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