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The Unofficial Joshua Maurer website
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The Official Terence Knox Website

Link to Terence Knox's new film 'An Ordinary Killer'          April 2015 - Possibly offline

A special HUM90 report from the World Premiere of 'An Ordinary Killer'

Kyle Chandler fansite - offline

The KEVIN CONROY Homepage  

The Unofficial Lee Majors Page

The Unofficial Tony Becker Fansite site run by Rene

Official Tony Becker site

The John Dye Appreciation Page
Checkout Kristin Bayhan's Great Site all about John. - offline

The Unofficial Ramon Franco site Joanne's Ramon Franco site-currently offline

The Official Eric Bruskotter webpages Joanne's Official Eric Bruskotter site  offline

The Official Stephen Caffrey website - Currently offline

Visit the official site where you can join the fan club for only $20 currently offline

Official Stan Foster webpage -A completely unofficial fan site for Kim Delany, with special emphasis on Philly & NYPD Blue

Tour Of Duty Fanpage   Deb & Andreas Tour of Duty website  offfline

Zeke's Tour Of Duty website -The grand-daddy of the Tour Of Duty site , currently offline

Lee Russell Tour of Duty Advisors Site
Helpful information to fans and writers of Fan Fiction from Tour Of Duty' advisor.

The Hill 2001 Tour of Duty convention site   find out what went on at the first ever TOD convention.

The Hill 2001 Gathering
Read Joannes and others memories of the 2001 Hill -TOD convention

Vietnam related sites

A VISUALLY STUNNING SITE by Peter Leuhusen,using the images of Tim Page a photographer, journalist, and author of Page after Page: Memoirs of a War-Torn Photographer.

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Tour Of Duty Fan Fiction Sites

Pidds Tour Of Duty fanfic site

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  A TOD fan fiction site.


Another great Tour site with a difference fan fiction 
from fans who wished the show never stopped.

DC's Tour of Duty information site,

A goldmine of well researched information to help the fan fic writer

TOD related Stories by Doc and DC

Sgt.Pepper's Tour of Duty Fan Fiction - A site with Stories 
By Sgt.Pepper , Pictures and loads of Info

The Official DJ Perry Fan Website - run by Sgt Pepper


Where Can I buy the DVD's ?

TV GOLD -   
Find details & links to other shows

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Search out more details about cast & crew members at this great site
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For those of you living in Canada find out when the shows on.