Information of Missing, Edited and Cut Scenes from the TV Show Tour of Duty

The following information was supplied by Peter Ahal 
&  refers to the Australian release unless noted otherwise.

The above is a screen grab from the opening credits of the episode
The Good The Bad and The Dead, which does not feature in the final TV edit



Pilot: None

Notes from the Underground: None

Dislocations: None

War Lover:  In History television version and TNT versions both have scene cut when song “we gotta get out of this place” is playing. Not only do they cut the music they cut the entire scene probably because it just contains the usual chopper ride and the guys walking through the river and no dialogue.

Sitting Ducks: None

Burn Baby Burn: Scene is cut when Taylor is reading the magazine of back home and spots his street.


Also scene is cut when Johnson tells Tucker to “stay out of his life” after he is accused of the murder.

Brothers Fathers and Sons: scene is cut when baker is reading the surfer magazine and Johnson tells him that they need more black women in playboy.

The Good The Bad and the Dead: When Zeke bails Decker out. When guys are talking about how much they like Decker.

  ***In the intro to the episode there is a clip( see above) where Zeke is playing pool , this scene didn't make the final TV edit.
It is included on the Fabulous Films R2 DVD set. 

Battling Baker Bros: Numerous scenes during the party. Also Bakers rescue attempt has little scenes cut When the VC is punching him in the face

Also when him and his brother are tied back to back and talking about how Karl stole Scotts girlfriend in high school. Also when VC soldier is captured and ARVN soldier steps on his leg.  

Nowhere To Run: When Danny visits the Chaplin

and then when Lt tells him that they are going back in to Ville

Roadrunner: when the troops are lying in the thick grass and Sarge volunteers to go and check out river first.

Pushin' too Hard: when Horn is demonstrating latrine duty for the reporter and the guys ask if she would like a weapons demo. Also when the prisoner is being tortured.

USO Down: when Taylor is picking the fungus out of his feet and Zeke comes over and taps the dust on his shoulder. Also when Long john jumps on the grenade to save sarge is edited.

Under Siege: When Doc tells the guys that he is re-enlisting.

Soldiers: When Ruiz is getting a tattoo and after the guys get into the fight and go for a walk in the water.

Grey Brown Odyssey: None

Blood Brothers: When Sarge tells Ruiz that he got him a job in supply. When Ruiz finds the guy shooting up.

The Short Timer:
When Percell sneezes and baker puts his hand over to cover it the sarge makes the homosexual gesture.

The fight scene between sarge and carlton is edited.

Paradise Lost: Scene when guys are bragging about Sarge after man-handling the ARVN soldier that pushed ruiz. When Katim and sarge have an argument.
The Canadian History reruns cut the scene where Ruiz fish's with the grenade.


Angel of Mercy: Edited scene when baker is complaining about stomach pains. Also edited scenes during fire fight.

The Hill: When Horn is telling Mitchell that they already abandoned the hill once.

Season 2 and 3 Have all scenes.

Many thanks to Peter Ahal for all his help.

If you know of any other scenes that are missing from TV runs or releases please let me know.