Nevada Spencer was the Location Casting Director for the first series of TOUR OF DUTY, the year it shot in Honolulu.
Nevada owned 'Island Talent Casting' along with her mother, and was responsible for the casting on the first season of TOD.
Which entailed the weekly casting of the supporting players, Stunt-players and extras, for the first season.

Nevada said:
"Naturally, one of the most interesting parts of what I did was the finding and casting of actual Vietnamese folks as supporting actors and extras. Most of them were first ( and in some cases second) generation "Boat People" who had settled in Honolulu...many spoke little if any English. It gave the show a very realistic quality, however." 

Since being involved with TOUR OF DUTY , Nevada has moved on to other projects, including her first love of writing, and has been successful at editing screenplays and books for a wide variety of writers.