September 12th 1987

Tour Of Duty

Ah, the cough of mortars . . . the stench of napalm ,. . the sweat of foxholes….believe it or not, some people like that stuff. Alberto Ruiz (Ramon Franco), for instance: Puerto Rican. From the Bronx .A street fighter. And that's why he’s in 'Nam’,
to fight.
Danny Percell (Tony Becker): Age 19. All-American boy. From Iowa .Volunteered for Vietnam. Marvin Johnson (Stan Foster), Black. From Kansas City. Experienced jungle fighter.
These are some of the men of Bravo Company in 1967 Vietnam. Although there's a commanding officer and a gung-ho new second Lieutenant (Stephen Caffrey), the real leader here is Platoon Sgt, Zeke Anderson (Terence Knox), He does his best to keep his men alive –even the ones who don’t want to be there, such as Pvt. Roger Horn (Joshua Maurer) , a war protester who plays a mean harmonica.


Left to right , Stephen Caffrey,Joshua Maurer,terence Knox And Ramon FrancoTV Guide3.jpg (35693 bytes)
Left to right , Stephen Caffrey, Joshua Maurer, Terence Knox And Ramon Franco