Tour of Duty Set Design Details

Here you can find out a few details about some
of the various sets used in "Tour Of Duty"


In the late '80s we built the city, village and base camp sets for Tour of Duty off of Rt 126.  Interiors were on stages in Santa Clarita.

Bill Ferrell

( Bill works for a company with 30 years experience with film and television sets, lighting and sound . On Broadway, at Disneyland, the studios, the Hilton and on the field during the Superbowl.)


I have been able to find out a few details about the Saigon permanent set built for the second & third series of Tour of Duty.

In November 2000, I received an e-mail from Douglas-Scott Goheen,
who was the set designer for the permanent Saigon set.
Which was built in Valencia, California, before the commencing of the second series filming. This was a large complex design and was used frequently in the second & third seasons.

He was approached to work on the set design by ,Bill Eigenbrodt, who was the assistant art director on the show. Who is currently working on the show "City of Angels".

Douglas-Scott Goheen received a telephone call asking if he would be able to help design and draft the Saigon set, during Tour of Duty's summer move from Hawaii to California.

"and so I went up to Hollywood and designed a couple of blocks of Saigon from a research photo that I swear to god measured about one inch square---drafted for a couple of weeks, as I recall, or perhaps it was only one" ......

The following is a message that was posted on the message board, it mentions about buildings incorporated into the set of Tour of Duty, so I have included it here .
The second message was a follow up and mentions more details.

Tour of Duty
Friday, 05-Jan-01 13:21:50

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    Good day to all. While I was stationed in Hawaii with the US Army, I had the opportunity to be an extra during the first season. I was on the "Short Timer" episode and it was very interesting to see how the show was done. Also had a photo opp. with Terrence Know and Tony Becker.

    It was set up at the 25th Infantry Division's Air Assault School, and the buildings were incorporated into the set. In addition, all the huey helicopter flights were through the Hawaiian hills. Looked a lot like some of the foliage in Vietnam (from pictures that I have seen).

    It was an excellent experience.


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To expound further on the "Short Timer" episode:

Bill Duke, from Predator fame as well as many other films, was the executive director for the episode. Started off on day one flying through Hawaii in Huey helicopters before landing to start the episode. As the helicopters landed, we carried "bodies" off of the landing zone into the base camp as the cast members walked to their quarters.

Later in the episode, on day 2, they staged the fight scene between Zeke and the Re-enlistment NCO. It was interesting to see how they shot different angles with the cast and placed the stunt doubles in and out. The fight scene took about 3 hours to shoot, but to watch the scene you wouldn't know it.

The final scene that I was in on was when the club was blown up. We were in the scene carrying the debris out as the cast walked toward the blown out structure.

The cast members were very approachable and willing to take pictures with the extras. And the food they provided was top notch (for a catered event). One point is that he actors did not use the "fake sweat" from water in the scenes that they appear to be sweating. They played football rather than be hosed or watered down.

All in all, a very cool experience.