The Thundering 8th

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As Crew Chief

Bio Note:
A top-notch actor that evolved from Broadway in the early 1970’s, Don, recently can be seen in the Ron Howard movie, “Ed TV”.  His many adoring fans still love him as “Ralph” from one of the most popular television shows of all time, “Happy Days”.

As Spike Steels

Bio Note:
A classic character actor who has guest starred in almost every network television series since his acting debut for Rod Serling in a episode of “The Twilight Zone”.  Ron also starred for 6 seasons as the “Sheriff” in the hit television show, “Murder, She Wrote”.

As Capt. "Papa Bear" Wilson.

Bio Note:
Larry Wilcox is best known for his portrayal of the cult popular character, “Officer John Baker” in the hit television series “CHiPs”.
Still guest starring in current television shows, this actor-producer-director, most recently starred in the “CHiPs 99” reunion show.


As Mrs Howard

Bio Note:

Everyone's favorite television “Mom”, June Lockhart’s brilliant film and television career spans over 6 decades.  June is best known for her loving mother portrails in the classic hit television series’, “Lassie” and “Lost in Space”.