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From the movie The Hunters

Tony Becker and Terence Knox in The Hunters


Picture from Hitkrant magazine , issue & year unknown




Tony Becker screen test for the Hunters

Latest news
August 2009 - Tony is
scheduled to start shooting "The Hunters" along side Terence Knox a film for 'Humal Productions' .....shooting is due to start in November 2009 in France & Luxembourg

Tony is signed up to play Ralph Grotts 
A State of Hate......(2010)......Ralph Grotts (pre-production)
also starring Terence Knox reprising the role of Ben Bannister from A.O.K.

The film is inspired by a true story of the Michigan Klavern of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and its leader, Grand Dragon Robert Miles, a very charismatic, yet hateful man .
The backstory is the murder of a beautiful young black woman, who was a member of the only black family in 1976 smalltown Michigan (where segregation and racism was alive and well).

DJ Perry is the lead and reprises his role as Michigan State Police Detective Lynn Kendall


tony as Danny Percell.gif (104890 bytes)  

The Cat Herding Commercial - In 2000 the large System  Integrator company EDS made a very funny commercial which showed a group of Cowboys herding cats.
Cat Herders was launched at the Super Bowl 2000, promoting EDS (Electronic Data Systems) as a digital company. The concept came from a popular business phrase incorporated in the title of the 1997 book, “Managing people is like herding cats: Warren Bennis on Leadership“.

The herding cats commercial was only aired a few times in the US, and was only aired during the Superbowl series. 
(thanks go to Lindy for helping with some of the info).

Details below supplied kindly by Brenna Brelie 
Global Communications Coordinator 
Fallon Worldwide 

The actors/cowboys names are listed below. (Many of them were real-life local cowboys).  The commercial debuted during the 1999 US Superbowl and ran for a short time after that.  Only approximately 60 cats were used in the actual filming, (with about 1 trainer per 5 cats) and the rest were computer-generated. 
Steven Lane                    
Tony Becker   
Mark Brooks    
Tim Carroll   
David Cleveland    
Jeremy Cluff   
Walter Doran   
Jake Sanders      
Kent Wakefield Smith  
Susan Smith      
Gene McLaughlin    
Clif Stokes         
David Jean Thomas        
R. J. Chambers - Stunts        
Brian Burrows -Stunts



Byors Bog Morris    2012  again starring along side Terence Knox
A State of Hate Ralph Grotts 2012  
also starring Terence Knox  reprising the role of Ben Bannister from A.O.K.

Five Good Years  Fred - 2011       Preproduction
Justified (tv show) Season 2 Episode 20 - Save My Love -
Bomb Squad Team Leader

The Hunters ..Oliver------------November 2009 Filmed  in France & Luxembourg for Humal Productions also starring Terence Knox. 
A State of Hate......(2010)......Ralph Grotts (pre-production) rumored to be also be starring Terence Knox  reprising the role of Ben Bannister from A.O.K.
Savage ........Owen Fremont ...2009/10..(post production)
Ghost Town: The Movie (2008) .... Deputy Tuck... aka Dean Teaster's Ghost Town 

Shattered Glory (2008) .... Carter
Ghost Town: The Movie (2007) .... Deputy Tuck
Behind the Scenes of 'Ghost Town: The Movie' (2007) Himself
A presenter on
The Cat Herding Commercial for EDS - 2000
Strong Medicine- Attachments (2001) TV Episode .... Ted Harris

Agent Red (2000) .... Lt. Jack Colson
Martial Law- Honor Among Strangers (2000) TV Episode .... Sergeant Major Lloyd Monroe
For the Love of May (2000)
Melrose Place- They Shoot Blanks Don't They (1999) TV Episode .... Eddie
Walton Easter, A (1997)
Walton Wedding, A (1995)
Escape from Terror: The Teresa Stamper Story (1994)
Walton Thanksgiving Reunion, A (1993)
The Hill  (1988)
The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory (1987)

Tour of Duty as Danny Percell
Iron Eagle (1986)
Iron Eagle (1985)
Stark (1985)
For Love and Honor (1983)
Wedding on Walton's Mountain, A (1982)
Ghosts of Buxley Hall, The (1980)
The Onion Field (1979)
Oregon Trail, The (1977)
Killer Who Wouldn't Die, The (1976)
The Other Side of the Mountain (1975)
Texas Wheelers, The (1974)

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