TAYLOR is captured and held in the secret underground tunnels of the NVA. Anderson and Goldman—trying to earn the men’s respect—go into the tunnel after the NVA. In the end Anderson and Goldman escape the tunnel after a cave-in , as does Taylor when his Doctor is unable to follow orders and shoot him.

Director: Bill L. Norton.                                                         Writer: Bill Norton


Bravo Company is ordered to escort a group of villagers from their present village to a new location, which is to be an example of U.S. technology aiding the Vietnamese. Among the villagers is LANG, a beautiful woman to whom GOLDMAN became very attached. When they arrive at the new village they find it occupied by NVA and , after a fight, the group escapes. They are attacked again on the trail and Goldman’s life is saved, and then spared, by a VC, who turns out to be Lang’s husband.

Director: Aaron Lipstadt                                                Writer : Steve Smith


ANDERSON, GOLDMAN, PERCELL, and HORN go on a special mission with combat veteran and "warlover" EARL RAY MICHAELS. Anderson’s past experience with Michaels as well as Michael’s current, wild behaviour lead to numerous conflicts. They complete their mission, but Michael’s two men are killed and he feels responsible.

Director: Jim Johnston                                                    Writer: Rick Huskey


BRAVO CO. is sent to relieve another group guarding a small village which is having an important new irrigation system installed. Finally they have themselves a 'cush gig'. As they arrive, Goldman discovers that the commanding officer has just been killed out on patrol. After they take over guy’s get hit every time they patrol the surrounding jungle; it looks like someone from the village/fort is setting them up. Horn becomes fascinated with the local Buddhists and eventually discovers that it is the monks, using the temple bell, who are tipping off the NVA.

Director :Aaron Lipstadt                                                 Writer: Steve Bello


Racial tension leads to violence when a militant black soldier, TUCKER, and a KKK member, INNIS, both end up in Bravo Co. Tucker’s friend is killed when Innis fails to provide cover.

Later, Innis is murdered with Johnson’s weapon. While Goldman and Anderson don’t believe Johnson is guilty, they must follow procedure and place him under arrest. Meanwhile, Tucker has riled up "his" men, armed , they approach the CP (where Johnson is being held) and demand his release. The white soldiers also approach, carrying their weapons. Only Zeke’s courage and authority prevents a shootout between the groups.

In the end, Tucker transfers out, but the real conflict is unresolved.

Director: Ray Villalobos                         Writer: Steve Duncan & L. Travis Clark


ANDERSON, BAKER, and JOHNSON are shot down and must make their way back to base while being hunted by the VC, led by TRANG, whose son was killed by our guys. The trio come across a women who dies giving birth. Anderson is adamant about leaving the baby behind, but the other two insist on taking it with them.

However , it is Anderson who ends up taking care of the baby and forms the strongest bond with him, risking his life to save the baby. In the end, after many gunfights, Trang and Zeke are left to battle it out. Trang gets the upper hand when Zeke tries to save the baby, but he is unable to kill a man who twice risks his life for this child (who has been killed by their gunfire).

Director: Bill Norton                                                           Writer : Bill Norton


ANDERSON rescues his former commander (and role model), DECKER, from his second court-martial (for irresponsible behaviour ) and puts him in charge of (our) squad as they head out to ambush an NVA radio post. At first popular with our guys, Decker quickly lets his drinking interfere with his judgements. His lax, drunken demeanour causes HORN to be seriously wounded by an NVA scout, who then warns his troops about our guys. Having destroyed the mission and nearly gotten Horn killed, Decker is stripped of his command and his weapon. In the end, our guys are the ones who are ambushed when the NVA surrounds them. Decker and Anderson save the day by creating a diversion so that our guys can escape. Decker dies in his efforts, and Anderson is left to wonder whether or not they all wouldn’t be better off dead.

Director: Bill Norton                                                          Writer: Bill Norton


When Baker’s twin brother, KARL, comes to visit, it becomes clear that he is the wild one of the two.

Karl’s antics finally get to Baker when he sleeps with Baker’s new-found love. Baker’s anger at his brother is replaced by concern when Karl’s Huey crashes in enemy territory. Baker disobeys orders to find his brother.

Eventually, they both become prisoners and are tortured by both the NVA and the VC.

Anderson and Goldman go in to save the brothers and must attempt a daring rescue before American bombers fly in to blow up this enemy camp.

Director : Bill Norton                               Writers: Bill Norton & J. David Wyles


When BRAVO is assigned to secure a bridge right after losing many men in a surprise ambush, our men are weary, worried and wondering what it’s all about. PERCELL, who just received a "Dear John" letter, is on edge when the bridge gets blown with some of our men and trucks on it.

In search of the enemy, Percell shoots and accidentally kills an 8-year old boy. His anguish over the incident is compounded by the that the boy’s infant brother is dying of various causes, and Doc Matsuda is unable to save him. Goldman arranges for Doc and Percell to escort the baby and his mother to the Evacuation Hospital. There ,Goldman is reunited for a brief afternoon, with an old flame, LT. NURSE NIKKI RAINES.

Director: Randy Roberts                                                     Writer: Rick Husky



ZEKE’s confidence and inner strength are shaken when two things happen to him

1/. He is almost killed by a barrage of mortar firing,

2/.He receives a letter from his wife , who asks him to write to his 3-year old daughter.

To make matters worse, our guys are ordered to retrieve and rescue downed pilots who fall in an occupied valley – it’s practically a suicide mission and Zeke knows it. As Zeke’s ability to lead wanes, Percell and Johnson both pick up the slack.. In the end , Zeke regains his confidence and the respect of the men when he risks his own life to save the downed pilot.

Director: Jim Johnson                                           Writer: Robert Burns Clark


BRAVO co. is sent on a reconnaissance mission to capture a prisoner. With them is a reporter, VICKY ADAMS , who’s intent on getting some good combat footage and who becomes a (fatal) attraction to some of the men. Eventually, WALLACE’s desire to show off in front off the reporter and to forget his unfaithful wife puts the men in great danger and costs WALLACE his life.

Director: Bill Norton                                         Writer : Steven Phillip Smith


#12 "USO DOWN"

On a reconnaissance mission, BRAVO co. runs into a USO band whose copter has been downed. As they try to get the civilians back to safety , our guys must deal with their temporary fellow soldiers. LONG JOHN, the band’s leader is a war monger who has been unable to enlist due to his epilepsy but is eager to do some killing. COLLINS is a frightened, neurotic sax player. COLBY (one of two women) is cold to the men, especially Percell, because she has already lost two soldier/boyfriends in Nam . APRIL is the calmest and the strongest of the group. In the end ,Long John’s overzealous behaviour gets Collin killed. But, He then sacrifices his own life to save Zeke.

Director: Ron Schwary                                                        Writer: Jim Beaver



CAPTAIN LARRY HEATH joins our guys as their new leader. His arrival is fortuitous because there is clear evidence that the NVA is planning a big push south—right over Firebase Ladybird. Zeke, wary of the new Captain’s plans to hold fast and fight the approaching army, practically forces his men to help him fortify the base. The men begin to resent their overly cautious Platoon Sgt. (Zeke) and take a strong liking to Heath who showers them with supplies and pep talks. In the end , however ,Zeke’s warnings are right and our guys are nearly overrun as they desperately await the help that Heath promised was on its way. Also Matsuda is killed because he canít leave his wounded comrades.

Director: Steve Posey                                  Writers: Steve Bello & Bob Clark


When Danny Percell’s father is hospitalised after a near fatal heart attack. Danny is given emergency medical leave to be by his side in Honolulu. Upon arriving, he learns that his mother and father have finally separated (after years of problems). Danny, who had always felt that his father had neglected his Mum and him, is even more distraught to meet Dad’s new girlfriend,26-year-old JESSIE GARRETT.

When JACK PERCELL awakens we see that he is stubborn, harsh old cowboy who refuses to grow up. Danny initially leaves him with bad feelings. Meanwhile ,Taylor and Ruiz (who had been scheduled for R&R in Bangkok with Danny) arrive in Honolulu to be by their friend’s side. Together they are exposed to the real world in 1967 mini-skirts and negative attitudes about the war. They also see the darkest side of Vietnam—the disabled Vet’s ward at the hospital. There they see first hand what it’s like to come home without all your pieces. In the end , Danny calms a crazed , bitter , paralysed Vet and makes peace with his father.

They return to Nam with a fresh view of the dark irony of the war.

Director: Bill Norton                                                       Writer : Rick Husky


Horn and Goldman are on their way back to the base when a booby trap blows up their jeep .Goldman is left blind. As they are trying to make their way back, Horn captures a VC , a woman. After Horn ties up the woman , he leaves Goldman and her to go off and get help. The woman, LI KIEM, signals a passing villager to get help (VC) . Goldman knows something’s up so he rigs his shotgun to her head and forces her to lead him to the U.S. forces. They run into a family (VC) starving to death, and Goldman shares his food with them. Despite this act of kindness , Li Kiem tries to kill Goldman but fails. He, in turn, puts his jacket and helmet on her so she’s equally at danger should she lead them to the VC. Later they run into a villager who hates Americans ,VC , and NVA ,he just wants to be left alone. This ignites a political debate between Goldman and Li Kiem. Finally, they must cross a river (Li Kiem can’t swim). During the crossing Goldman regains much of his sight, and Li Kiem is shot. On the other side of the river, they get caught in crossfire between an American chopper and VC soldiers. In the end Li Kiem dies in Goldman’s arms as Horn brings a rescue team to save him. Goldman returns to the base with a new perspective on his "enemy"

Director: Randy Roberts                                            Writer : Bruce Reisman


Retired MAJOR GENERAL GOLDMAN, SR ., (Goldman’s father) Is on a fact finding mission for Washington brass. He and Goldman have not spoken in six years (since Goldman’s mother committed suicide). Goldman, Sr, is dismayed by his son’s independent attitude in the field and by what he perceives to be a general slackness within the company. Meanwhile , a new recruit , ALVARO , is careless in the field one too many times and is killed. Ruiz had already figured out that the young soldier was "using" (heroin), but he decided to wait until they got back to the base to do anything about it.

Later both, Zeke and Goldman come to the same realisation and decide to quietly investigate drugs use on the base. Ruiz , on temporary "mellow out" assignment in Supply , discovers that the base connection in his new boss, SGT. RAY EXLEY. Being held hostage by Exley and the Vietnamese drug dealers, Ruiz is rescued by Zeke , our guys from Bravo and the Goldman’s .Having witnessed all this , Goldman Sr. returns to Washington believing his son is right , this is not the same war he is used to fighting.

Director : Charlie Correll                                         Writer : Christian Darren


As Taylor approaches the end of his tour, mixed emotions cause him to question his stated desire to return home. His fear and distaste for Viet Nam is equalled only by the darkness of the life waiting for him at home. This is emphasised when he runs into a buddy from home who makes it clear that Taylor will have his choice of two careers , being a drug dealer or being a pimp. Meanwhile, the re-enlistment officer SGT. RALPH CARLTON, is attempting to add Taylor to his infamously long list of recruited "re-uppers". Taylor tries to save his pride by complaining that Carlton had gotten him drunk and tricked him into re-enlisting.

The boy’s, infuriated by this , steal Taylor’s re-enlistment papers and shuffle him off on a Huey .When Carlton confronts Anderson with the theft, a verbal and physical battle erupts. In the end , Taylor returns just in time to stop Zeke from pounding Carlton’s face in. He tells the boys that Nam is his home and that they are his family.

Director: Charlie Correll                                            Writer : Bruce Reisman


BRAVO CO. is saved from a VC ambush by a native Montagnard tribe. These natives hate everyone (VC, NVA, ARVN) except Americans. They take our guys in as their guests. This is against the better judgement of a mysterious American , KITHEM , who seems to have deserted the Army and joined the tribe.

Our guys get orders to help fortify the native "compound" against the VC. They also help build shelters, inoculate the children, and teach the women modern agricultural techniques . Kithem warns Anderson that all this will only help make the tribe a target for the Drug Baron’s.

Bravo company and the tribesmen intercept a major drug run whilst out on patrol. It turns out that the local ARVN Major, TUNG is somehow connected to the drug trafficking and arranges to have the village bombed one night in retaliation for their interference Our guys are then ordered out. The ARVN troops are to come in and take over. When they do, our guys can’t bear leaving the villagers.Hearing gunfire in the village, the guys return and a firefight ensues. With the help of  the tribe, they annihilate Tung’s troops, and then relocate the tribe in a refugee camp.

Director: Jim Conway                                                    Writer : Bob Clark


As the NVA and VC prepare for the infamous "TET OFFENSIVE" our guys run into a gang of bad guys in the bush .They are able to catch an NVA Colonel, TRANG. But Goldman also catches a bullet in his helmet and in his jacket. Though saved by his clothing, he still does need to go the hospital along with Anderson, who has a sprained ankle. NIKKI is shocked to see Goldman, but is relieved that he’s ok. He is concerned about her distant attitude, and she eventually tells him that she has had an abortion. He , in turn asks her to marry him, but she doesn’t want to chance being a widow. Meanwhile , intelligence officers from the army and from ARVN have arrived to interrogate Trang, who is almost killed mysteriously. But the ARVN intelligence officer, BA THO, is actually an NVA operative and tries to shoot out his way through the halls of the hospital. In the end , Goldman saves Nikki’s life ;they leave their relationship on hold as Goldman and Anderson ponder what might be the big offensive that they now know is being planned for Tet.

Director : Bill Norton                                                  Writer J. David Wyles

#20 " THE HILL"

Picking right up from "Angel of Mercy" this show opens with Goldman and Nikki on a brief R&R. When he returns to BRAVO, they are assigned to help take Hill 1000, which they had to capture once before only to give it back. . And again they are able to chase off the elusive enemy only to be ordered off the hill so that it can be defoliated. Meanwhile , our guys receive medals for bravery . But, the NVA shoot down the defoliant chopper and our guys are asked once again to risk life and limb to take the hill once again. But Horn just can’t stand to see any more of his buddies killed by the unseen enemy.And goes back down the Hill. But when Horn sees that Taylor has been wounded, he realises that the reason to go back and fight is to help his buddies.

With this rationalisation in mind, Horn risks his own life and is seriously wounded as he single-handedly destroys the NVA bunker and saves his friend’s lives. In the end Horn is sent home, and it is not clear whether or not his injuries are permanent.

Director : Robert Iskov                                                   Writer : Steve Smith