#14 DEAD MAN TALES                                                     PROD.B89414

In the aftermath of the battle for Hill Baker 212, Anderson Is put in for a Distinguished Service Cross. Major Duncan is killed by the "Camp Barnett Sniper". An artillery barrage is called in to flush the culprit out of his lair, during which action McKay’s chopper accidentally kills three US soldiers. McKay’s guilt leads him to request a ground assignment and ultimately to hunt down the sniper on his own. A drunk Baby Cakes falls to his death in Saigon leading our guys to plot to have him listed as KIA

WRITER: Robert Bielak

#15 THE ROAD TO LONG BIHN                                   PROD.B89415

Anderson and Goldman are assigned to transport a deserter to Long Bihn Jail. They suffer through a series of misadventures, including a brief stint in the stockade, on the "Road to Long Binh". There ,they are befriended by a South Vietnamese Civil Defence Force ("CIDEES") and invited to spend the night in the ville. The next morning , the CIDEES press our guys into service to save an American truck convoy from an enemy attack. Sgt. Digby proves to be a hero , saving both Goldman and Anderson’s lives and motivating them to set Digby free.

WRITERS: David Kemper and Carol Mendelsohn           bw_road_to_long_bhin_small.gif (10927 bytes)

#16 ACCEPTABLE LOSSES                                               PROD.B89416

While out on a mission, Taylor , Ruiz, and two others miss the pick-up and are forced to utilise "Escape and Evasion" tactics – surviving on their own. This dilemma is intensified when they miss their secondary pick-up. Meanwhile, Anderson and the guys receive their medals for bravery from a well-meaning, but uninformed Senator who’s in Nam on a "photo-op" tour. As the days pass ,Taylor and Ruiz are replaced by new soldiers, including a 44-year-old PFC Thomas "Pop" Scarlet, a "lifer" with a unique perspective on the war. The show ends with McKay unable to rescue Taylor and Ruiz, and our guys in the chopper watching helplessly as their friends are chased back into Cambodia by large numbers of NVA.

WRITERS: David Kemper and Carol Mendelsohn

#17 VIETNAM RAG                                                           PROD.B89417

When Goldman and Anderson are ordered to take out a platoon of newbies on a "reconnaissance-in-force", they worry about the effect it’ll have on the the veterans, especially now that they’re used to success on their SOG operations. Complicating matters is a reporter with an anti-war leanings, who will record the mission on film. A wearying, same-old-shit, tension filled sweep ( in which the unit is decimated by boobytraps and ambushes) culminates in the burning of a VC-sympathetic village—preserved for prosperity by the journalist’s camera.

WRITER; Robert Bielak

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