#10 WORLD IN CHANGES                                                 PROD.B89410

Johnson is suffering an attack of "short-timers nerves", being extra-careful his last six days in country, and is anxious to resume his civilian life an take an active part in the building civil rights movements. The team is given the task of eliminating a charismatic VC regional force recruiter, but the mission goes sour when Taylor and Johnson are captured. It’s time a of revelation for Taylor. After the rescue, the mission is completed, and Johnson finally gets away alive.

WRITER; Jim Kearns

#11 GREEN CHRISTMAS                                                   PROD.B89411

It’s the Yuletide Season in Vietnam, and after a prisoner snatch in Cambodia, Team Viking returns to Camp Barnett where the guys attend to personal business while preparing for a Christmas party at the orphanage which is nearly cancelled by a VC land mine and attack. Meanwhile, Sergeant Marvin Johnson returns stateside where he encounters racial prejudice and resistance to his college plans from family and friends.

WRITER; Steven Smith

#12 ODD MAN OUT                                                            PROD.B89412

Taylor, angered at being passed over for promotion by a less qualified white soldier, begins to spend more time with radical black power advocates at a "soul" bar in Saigon. Meanwhile, Team Viking has to find and bring back a province chief’s kidnapped wife, or the official won’t allow artillery fire during the fast-approaching 1969 Tet. Their mission is complicated by losing their radio – and finding that the woman is not deathly ill – but travelling with a six-month-old baby.

WRITER; David Ehrman


Camp Barnett is attached to the newly-formed Capital Military Command with the objective of heading off an anticipated repeat of the 68 Tet offensive. The immediate consequence is the over-crowding of the camp and the inclusion of newbies into the team and on the base. Goldman and Anderson each take eighteen men, mostly FNG’s , out to check reports of a massive movement of NVA. Anderson’s unit is attacked by the enemy en masse , and due to outstanding bravery and courage, a few survive.

WRITER; Jerry Patrick Brown

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