#7 CLOUD NINE                                                           PROD. B89407

Anderson has to organise a commando raid into Cholon to spring a drugged out Percell from his deserter friends. While Percell suffers through cold turkey withdrawal, Brewster is forced to put his career in jeopardy (along with his relationship with Kim-Ly ) by going to the press with his knowledge of the Phu An massacre and cover-up. After being relieved of command, Brewster leads one last raid into Cambodia where Team Viking disrupts an NVA supply route by blowing up a truck convoy using a hidden river/road.

WRITER; Robert Bielak                         carl_weathers_small.gif (13625 bytes)

#8 THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES                               PROD.B89408

Thanksgiving ‘68 .Percell, off drugs but still not ready to return to the field , is admitted to the Psych Ward of the Camp Hospital as an exhaustion case. Brewster is forced out of his command, but under the help of General Elliot determines to fight to get it back.

Meanwhile , Brewster encourages Anderson to request a direct commission to officer which puts him at odds with Goldman.

WRITER; Carol Mendelsohn

#9 I AM WHAT I AM                                                       PROD.B89409

While on a mission to recover a mysterious Soviet Chopper flown by the NVA, Anderson and McKay come into conflict over leadership decisions; and Percell and Doc must overcome personal hurdles in their quest to pull their weight and remain true to their own beliefs, while not letting their buddies down. Earlier, excluded from a party because of their race, Ruiz and Johnson each find the spark for personal growth --the former with a Mexican-American WAC, the latter deciding to rotate home to pursue "equality" through the political system. Finally , Goldman faces some hard truths when his retired General father arrives with the news that he’ll soon be dead from a terminal disease.

WRITER: David Kemper

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