Frequently Asked questions  

Q Where can I buy the DVD's ?
Currently you can all three seasons as stand alone Season boxset's & Full boxsets of all 3 seasons together. Available widely from different places, or you could use the handy Amazon links below

They are available in Region 1 which is a Sony release and has REPLACEMENT music.
You can now buy a Region 2 Tour Of Duty release which has all the ORIGINAL music.




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Q    Can I buy copies of all your Tour of Duty photographs ?

A     Not at the moment. It's something that's being looked into.

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Q    Can I buy the Soundtrack Of  Tour of Duty 

A    There is one CD available to buy. Click  the link picture below.They also pop up on Ebay.

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Q   What medals/citations were awarded in the episodes "The Hill", "Thanks for the Memories" &
"Acceptable Losses" ?

A   Go to character_details.htm for details about who received medals and what they were.

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Q    What rank did Doc Hock hold ?

A    Private First Class , promoted to Spec 4 ,although he would have been classed as "Class I-A-O a Conscientious Objector registrant available for non-combatant military service only" during the episode " Doc Hock" he mentions he is  "91 Alpha"

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Q      Where can I buy copies of the videos ?

A        As the videos have long since been discontinued, the best place to try is E-bay,
           For details of some of the videos that were available check out

I do have a few doubles so if you are interested for the right price I might consider parting
with part of my collection

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Q    I sent you an e-mail why haven't you replied ?
A    I try to answer all e-mails sent to me. It could  be a little while, my apologies if you get missed out.

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What's with the banners and ads on the site, they never used to be here?

A This site is very large and very heavily trafficked, and therefore costs money to run.
Until I win the lottery, then, advertising is necessary to offset the costs.

If you enjoy this site and wish to support it, please let the banners and ads load fully, and give them a glance.
 If you see something that interests you, give it a click. Thanks!

 Also Check ways to Support HUM90


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Q Why don't you have a section on.........

A This site is and all ways will  be an on going project , as anything it all takes time and effort, to create new pages , sections, and research.

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Q I've seen all this stuff on the DVD's , you just copied it from the dvd's....
A  Actually no, quite the reverse of that. Fabulous Films contacted me and other Tour of Duty websites asking if we would like to be involved. We all contributed different things, which is to me is another reason to buy their version , aside from the fact it has the original music, the documentary.


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Q  Why can't I copy your pictures? They aren't yours!

A  Long winded but you asked!!

The photographs and slides on this site are of promotional pictures and original scans from magazines, video covers, photos, postcards, posters or other. The images are in the best possible quality that they can be in. Images scanned , go through a digital editing process to remove text, errors, etc. They are cropped, coloured and fixed up to be the best. I put a lot of work into editing these pictures some can take hours to fix up.

Images on the site that I have not scanned are credited were possible to their rightful owner. Aside from the fact that I do own the magazines, video covers, photos, postcards, posters or other, I hold no ownership over the images. I also make no money from these images which I've scanned or any of the Tour of Duty related products which I've bought to get these scans. I have no intentions of taking credit for the actual photo themselves, and my intentions of editing the photos is only to provide fans with the best quality of an image by removing what magazines and books put over the images and the removal of other defects. As most who've e-mailed me know, I do my absolute best to e-mail everyone back whether they've e-mailed me with comments, praise or questions about my site. Although I can't get back to everyone, I do try.

If you have any information about Tour of  Duty , or anybody who worked on the show please  e-mail me , or leave a message on the message board.

Thanks to all those who helped with the answers.
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