#1 "SAIGON" (PART 1)                                           PROD. #B88401

Bravo company has been transferred to Tan Son Nhut Base outside Saigon and the city is becoming part of their lives. Goldman meets a female wire service correspondent, Alex Delvin as he’s pursuing one of his men though the dangerous underworld of the city, and he vies with Lieutenant Johnny McKay, a chopper pilot, for her affections. Anderson comes into town for an important meeting with his wife, who’s flown all the way from Fort Bragg to tell him something important. Taylor and Johnson have high hopes for a hotel in which Johnson has invested, believing in the promises of the Sergeant Bridger , a con man. Ruiz and Percell comes into town looking for love.

Director: Bill Norton        Writer: Rick Husky

#2 "SAIGON" (PART 2)                                                   PROD. # B88402

Strange things are happening on the eve of the Tet Offensive. Zeke tries to save a suicidal marine, and also has the problem of watching over the daughter of Sergeant Bridger, Stacy , who refuses to leave Saigon until she learns the cause of her father’s death. McKay sends Goldman on a snipe hunt so he can be alone with Alex Devlin , and inadvertently exposes Goldman to serious danger. Taylor tries to win back the money Johnson lost investing in the hotel , and has to bet his ears to stay in the game. Meanwhile , Ruiz and Percell find female companionship in the lovely form of a VC assassin. All of our people are in jeopardy in Saigon

Director: Bill Norton      Writer : Rick Husky

#3 "FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH"                            PROD. # B88403

When a base latrine blows up, killing a Chaplain, Taylor is falsely accused. Goldman tries to have him released, while Johnson and Percell cancel their much needed R&R to help an increasingly paranoid Ruiz. Anderson’s budding relationship with psychiatrist Jennifer Seymour, whom he has saved from a homicidally insane Lurp, is short-circuited when he betrays her confidence to gain information need to clear Taylor.

Director : Ed Sherin   Writer: Dennis Cooper


In the aftermath of the Tet Offensive , our soldiers are exhausted and confused, but still carrying on as best they can. Ruiz’s struggle with cowardice continues, bad feelings and bad dreams finally force him to a consultation with Jennifer Seymour. Seymour herself is in conflict over having to send one of Zeke’s men back into conflict before he’s ready.

Johnson meets up with a very pregnant Vietnamese woman whom he knew when he arrived in-country , a woman who thinks the baby she’s carrying is his. And drunken shenanigan of Goldman’s turn him into a inadvertent hero.

Director: Ed Sherin   Writer: Steven Phillip Smith

#5 "NON-ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL"                       PROD.#B88405

McKay is brought up on charges when he refuses to land a chopper full of wounded GI’s in a hot LZ , despite orders to go in there and look for the survivors of another chopper which has crashed. Goldman is in McKay’s helicopter , and, at the request of Alex Devlin, goes to bat for his rival with the brass. A former lover of Jennifer’s arrives at the base, a famous surgeon, and Zeke worries about losing Jennifer. Taylor and Purcell "liberate" some statues that have been looted from the Vietnamese, and try to return them to their rightful owners, only to find out nobody wants them, because they are cursed. Johnson tries to help Ling’s brother, who repays him by stealing from the barracks. Ruiz saves the life of a Sergeant –Dan Hawke- who turns out to be a Senators’ son, and offers him a way out of the Army , and into the easy life.

Director: Jim Johnston    Writer Elia Katz

#6 "SLEEPING DOGS"                                               PROD. #B88406

Anderson senses a fellow Sergeant is near the breaking point after two tours and devises a plan to help him, but it results in Purcell being lost in the bush.. Seymour attempts to help Johnson, who is being drawn into more commitment than he’s ready for in his relationship with the Vietnamese girl, Ling, and Taylor, as usual, tries to help with advice. Alex Devlin starts tracking a story about corruption and profiteering in the NCO clubs by the Khaki Mafia. When she and Goldman attend a party at the base NCO club, the entire gathering is terrorised by the Sergeant that Anderson tried to help, and heroics by Anderson and Goldman save the day.

Director: Steve Posey          Writer: Jerry Patrick Brown

#7 "I WISH IT WOULD RAIN"                                     PROD.#B88407

Goldman and Alex attend an Embassy party . Zeke and Seymour have to cancel a romantic evening when a psycho breaks loose and they have to find him. Taylor and Percell have to go find Johnson, who’s upset over Ling, and save him from being declared AWOL. Then , the three of them are trapped by some VC tax collectors and have to be saved by McKay, Goldman and Zeke.

Director: Bradford May      Writers: R. Husky, Cooper & S. P. Smith (story)    

Robert Burns Clark (Teleplay)


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#8 "POPULAR FORCES"                                             PROD#B88408

Bravo Company is assigned to take out a group of ARVN soldiers, recent inductees, and teach them the finer points of field manoeuvres. Alex meanwhile is being flown by McKay to a village, in order to do a story on the dislocation of Vietnamese civilians. Seymour has to go to Saigon for some medical supplies, and while in town she goes to lunch with the pharmacist, the pharmacist is shot and Seymour is forced into using a gun, killing the attacker. Bravo company finds itself in a situation where their lives are in the hands of the inexperienced ARVN ,and Alex finds herself rescued from a VC attack by a group of orphans who teach her something of the strength of the attachment the Vietnamese feel for their land.

Director: Bill Norton      Writers: D. Cooper, E. Katz & J. Brown (Story)—Cynthia Darnell (Teleplay)

#9 "TERMS OF ENLISTMENT"                                   PROD.B88412

Seymour is offered a teaching post and position as a Major back in the States. Anderson has decided to propose marriage to her and they have to resolve their plans. A homosexual G.I. is wrongly accused of making a pass at another soldier, and Seymour helps him avoid punishment.

Taylor is busy arranging a boxing match and discovers his fighter has aspirations to be in the Olympics.

Director: Charles Correll    Writers: D. Cooper, R. Husky, S. P. Smith & J. Brown

#10 "NIGHTMARE"                                                          PROD.B88409

McKay’s chopper goes down in the jungle, and Goldman. Anderson and the men go out to find him, after the Road-Runners give up. Bravo Company runs into a Quaker women, nursing the villagers at one of the villes. Later Percell saves her from being raped, and finds himself facing a manslaughter charge for killing the would be rapist.

Director: Tommy Lee Wallace Writers: R. Husky & D. Cooper (story) Bruce Reisman (Teleplay)

#11 "PROMISED LAND"                                                 PROD.B88411

The assassination of Martin Luther King causes racial tension on the Base. Zeke, who accompanies the body of a friend – a black soldier killed in action—back to the States, encounters many of the same of the racial problems back there, as the brother of the dead soldier tells Zeke the family doesn’t want him to attend the funeral. Goldman works closely with a black lieutenant—Douglas – whose men hate him so much for his by the book discipline that they threaten to "frag" him.

Director: Helaine Head     Writer: Steven Phillip Smith

#12 "LONESOME COWBOY BLUES"                          PROD.B88410

Trying to get in touch with a long-range patrol soldier, Zeke , Goldman and Bravo Company run into a ten-year-old kid, who saves them from a VC ambush. Later the kid comes under suspicion as a VC informer, but Zeke defends him from the charges. Taylor and Percell try to get a friend of theirs a job as a chef for the officers, an attempt which has unfortunate consequences for a dog.

Director: Charles Correll     Writer: W. K. Scott Meyer

#13 " SINS OF THE FATHERS"                                     PROD. B88413

After killing a female sniper in self-defence, Zeke has some soul-searching to do about his beliefs in the war, God, and where his life’s headed. Meanwhile , Alex and Goldman have a dispute while she’s tracking a story involving multiple murders of bar girls in Saigon.

Director: Jim Johnston    Writer: Rick Husky

#14 "SEALED WITH A KISS"                                         PROD.B88414

Doubting his ability to readjust to life back home in the States, Zeke considers a CIA recruiter’s offer to make a lot of money serving as a mercenary in one of the agency's shadow armies, fighting in places that the U.S. government won’t admit any involvement. He and Goldman go on a dangerous mission with a Navy SEAL, and find themselves in the jungle without a radio or supplies and a very tight deadline to meet the one helicopter coming for them. If they aren’t at the LZ in time, the chopper will leave them stranded in VC territory.

Director: Steve Posey   Writer: E. Katz & D. Cooper (Story) Elia Katz (Teleplay)

#15 "HARD STRIPE"                                                         PROD.B88415

Goldman, suspecting he and his men have been used by CIA Agent Jim Doyle to provide himself with an escort out of the bush, investigates Doyle’s activities , a job for which he has to ask Alex’s help. McKay tries to get Goldman to consider Alex’s request that he apply for a non-combat assignment, but Goldman suspects McKay’s motives , and observes that he’s sure McKay wouldn’t mind taking his place with Alex. Taylor’s upset because a soldier named Smith gets his Sergeant’s stripes before Johnson gets his, and Taylor thinks colour has something to do with it.

He’s soon distracted, though, when he meets and is immediately attracted to Lieutenant Camille Patterson , a black woman who’s on the base investigating fraud in the PX system.

Director: Jim Johnson     Writer: Jerry Patrick Brown (Teleplay)

#16 " THE VOLUNTEER"                                               PROD.B88416

Most of the men are frustrated and depressed over the progress of the war, and the dwindling American support for what they are doing here, but Anderson meets a clerk, BEN SWEET who feels the opposite , wants to get into the fighting, away from the rear echelon, before his tour ends. Anderson tries to help him, but has little luck. Taylor’s friendship with Lieutenant Patterson develops into romance, but they’re interrupted in a hotel by the men she’s been investigating for corruption. These men take pictures of Camille and Taylor in bed , and threaten to give the pictures to the brass if she doesn’t drop her investigation , and leave town.

Goldman and Alex are still distant from one another emotionally, but her relationship with McKay heats up, and they flirt with the idea of going to bed together.

The show and the series end with Goldman, Anderson and the rest of our guys in the field, surrounded by VC, and having to call in artillery fire on their own position , as their only possible hope of survival.

Director: Steve Posey    Writer: Steven Phillip Smith