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Terence Knox         Sergeant Zeke Anderson

Stephen Caffrey      Lieutenant Myron Goldman

Kevin Conroy         Captain Rusty Wallace( 1987-1988)

Joshua Maurer        Private Roger Horn (1987-1988)     slide_58.gif (99361 bytes)

Steve Akahoshi       Private Randy "Doc" Matsuda (1987-1988)

Tony Becker           Corporal Daniel "Danny" Percell

Eric Bruskotter        Private Scott Baker (1987-1988)

Stan Foster               Private Marvin Johnston (1987-1989)

Ramon Franco        Private Alberto Ruiz RUIZ.bmp (95358 bytes)

Miguel A. Nunez Jr. Private Marcus Taylor

Kim Delaney            Alex Devlin (1989-1990)

Dan Gauthier        Lieutenant John McKay (1989-1990)

Betsy Brantley         Dr Jennifer Seymour (1989)DR seymour head.gif (8309 bytes)    

Richard Brestoff      Major Darling (1989)

John Dye                 Private Francis‘Doc Hoc’Hockenbury(1989-90)

Carl Weathers         Colonel Brewster (1989-1990)

Micheal B. Christy   Major Duncan (1989-1990)

Patrick Kilpatrick     CIA Agent Duke Fontaine (1989-1990)

Peter Vogt                General Elliot (1989-1990)

Alan Scarfe               Colonel Stringer (1990)

Kyle Chandler          Private William Griner (1990)

Lee Majors               Private First Class Thomas ‘Pop’ Scarlett(1990)

Lee Majors II             Specialist Robby Scarlett

Pamela Gidley          Lieutenant Nikki RainesNikki.gif (36302 bytes)

Bruce Gray               Lieutenant Colonel Dalby

Marilyn Tokuda        Kim-Ly she is also listed as other characters but this needs checking

Greg Germann       Lieutenant Bellar

William Russ            Sergeant Earl Ray Michaels in "Warlover"

Charles Hyman         Master Sergeant Hannegan

Leo Rossi                 Jake Bridger in "Siagon" pt1&2

Tia Carrere                 Lang in "Dislocations"            Lang headshot.jpg (23218 bytes)

William Sadler          Major Rigby in "Dislocations"

Andrew Dupree        G.I. in ‘Warlover’

George O’Hanlon     Lieutenant Ferguson in"Warlover"

                               also credited as Platoon  Sgt. in "Sitting Ducks"

Tamyln Tomita         VC Peasant women in "Sitting Ducks"

Marshell Bell              Ralph Carlton in "Short Timer"

Rosalind Chao          Li Kiem in "Gray-Brown Odyssey"

Michael Madsen        Greg Block in "Sleeping Dogs"

John Shepard            Taft in "I Wish It Would Rain"

Melora Hardin           Christine Pierson in "Sins Of The Fathers"

Angela Bassett           Lt.Camilla Patterson    Lt.jpg (9226 bytes)

Antoni Stutz                Marine Krusak in "Siagon pt2"

Christopher Burgard   Stoney Zammit in "A Bodyguard of Lies"

Kamala Lopez            Susanna Lozada in "I Am What I am"

Danny Nucci               Private Wozniak in "Acceptable Losses"

Cynthia Bain               Colby in "USO Down"

Matthew Crane           Sentry in "Sitting Ducks"

Jim Fitzpatrick(IV)     Sarge –???????

Robert Fuller              Mr Purcell in "Soldiers"

Jon Cypher                  Major General Goldman

Tom Hodges              ??????

Joon B. Kim               Tran in "Popular Forces"joon head circle.gif (11018 bytes)

Everett McGill           Katmin/Sgt. Carter in "Paradise Lost"

Jim Piddock               Major Shadow

Larry Poindexter        Captian Palmer in "Sealed With A Kiss"

Ving Rhames              Private Tucker in "Burn, Baby, Burn"

Tim Thomerson         Sgt. Aubury Decker in "The Good The Bad & The Dead"

Tom Tran                 Dong in "The Luck"

Malcom-Jamal Warner   SPC.Ben Sweet in "Volunteer"

John Boyd West        Newbie in "And Make Death Proud To Take Us"


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