"Thanks to"

A chance for me to say a big thank you to people who've helped over the years


I Would like to thank all of the following people for their help, they are in no particular order and I apologies to anyone I have missed.
All help is gratefully received

Deb & Roz from the "Official Terence Knox Site" & "The Everlasting Lust Site "
Charles Maskolunas, aka, Chuck for sharing his memories of the war., Colonel Paul Sinor, Lt Pidd, Gary Toy, William Leong, Karen Primeau, Dave W. ,Emma, Nevada Spencer, Art Fien, Douglas -Scott Goheen, Patrick Kilpatrick, Joon B. Kim, Bruce Gray, Laura ,Gary Bruckner ,Kirstin, Kristin Bayhan, Maggie cat, Suzanne Mallet, Sandra, Peter Aahal, Rene Tsang, Micki L.Bailey, Erika, Joshua D.Maurer, Miguel Nunez ,Stephen Caffrey, Leslie Phillips ,Steve Akahoshi, Mike Kino, Peter Lai, John Ashker, Tom Petersen, Patricia Shaw, Brian Herskowitz ,Bill Ferrell, Lee Russell, Steve Duncan, Debbye H.,Andrea, Jerry Patrick Brown, DC, Doc, Bruce Meyers, Phillip Krupp ,Arthur Axelman, Bill Witthans, Sgt Pepper, Ramon Franco, L.Travis Clarke, Terence Knox, Richard Walker.

Photo credits


The photographs and slides on this site are of promotional pictures and original scans from magazines, video covers, photos, postcards, posters or other. The images are in the best possible quality that they can be in. Images scanned , go through a digital editing process to remove text, errors, etc. They are cropped, coloured and fixed up to be the best. I put a lot of work into editing these pictures some can take hours to fix up.

Images on the site that I have not scanned are credited were possible to their rightful owner. Aside from the fact that I do own the magazines, video covers, photos, postcards, posters or other, I hold no ownership over the images. I also make no money from these images which I've scanned or any of the Tour of Duty related products which I've bought to get these scans. I have no intentions of taking credit for the actual photo themselves, and my intentions of editing the photos is only to provide fans with the best quality of an image by removing what magazines and books put over the images and the removal of other defects. As most who've e-mailed me know, I do my absolute best to e-mail everyone back whether they've e-mailed me with comments, praise or questions about my site. Although I can't get back to everyone, I do try.





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